Fears and Phobias can be conquered by hypnosis!

It's time to get freedom from what is holding you back

Almost every person has one or more fears and this is quite normal. Simple fears may not impact one's quality or enjoyment of life. In fact, fears are a part of our survival mechanism and keep us safe. They might be minor annoyances, but as long as the person can function without impediment there is usually no reason for concern.

For some people, however, the fear may start to impact their ability to fully enjoy life. Even things that remotely remind them of the fear may cause a reaction the reminder may could come from any of the five senses - sight, sound, touch, smell, or taste. The worse part, if left unchecked, the fear may grow and limit their lives in other ways.

A phobia is an "irrational" fear of some kind of stimulus. The stimulus could be an activity, thing, or person that poses no real or immediate danger. People with phobias tend to go through great lengths to avoid the stimulus that causes the reaction. Quite often a person is not even sure of initial cause of the phobia. For certain individuals, phobias may trigger panic attacks.

For either fear or phobia, hypnosis is highly effective. Fears can be addressed quickly and easily. If a person is looking for assistance with a phobia, in hypnosis sessions we may look for its cause. The cause may be buried in past memories. Using hypnosis to access the power of the subconscious mind is effective way to identify the cause. Once it is identified, we then work with the person to change their thoughts about the original cause and the stimulus that is currently causing them problems. Basically, we are helping the person to "unlearn" previous reactions. For other people, phobias can be addressed using visualization and guided imagery techniques. It is not possible to determine which strategy will work for the person before working with them.

Because of the impact that phobias may have on persons quality of life, it is important to work with a qualified hypnotherapist.

A powerful acronym which speaks to the choices we have:

Fear could mean two things:

Forget Everything and Run OR

Face Everything and Rise.

The choice is yours!

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