Before we start working together it is essential that we have a planned objective

A hypnotist can help you define your goals. While many of us have several "nice to have" goals, several of those goals are not were we want to exert our effort.

Before meeting your hypnotist, do this simple exercise:

Start by writing out your past resolutions or goals. Then sort them in three piles: “keep”, “chuck” and “new”. And it is time to be brutally honest with yourself if there are nice to have goals, but you do not want to put the effort in to reach them, don’t keep them, they are simply destined for failure, so put them in the “chuck” pile. The other piles are self-evident.

If there are more than two or three goals that are in the keep or new pile, look for the goals that go together naturally. Examples of goals that go together naturally are: increasing exercising and losing weight or getting out more and joining a choir. If there is a cluster of goals, this is an obvious indicator of where you should put your effort. Of course, you should never keep more than one or two goals it simply requires too much energy to commit to more.

Several people have come to see me after doing this exercise and had clear expectations of what they wanted to achieve. During the hypnosis sessions some people have confirmed that they were on the right track. Others, through the power of hypnosis discovered that their goals were not really what they wanted and we worked together to create a more constructive goals. Of course, many people have, in hypnosis, discovered why they were self-sabotaging their goals and then they finally could work towards a resolution.

Another challenges is that people tend to set goals are that too vast and they do not know where to begin. Hypnotists break down the outcome in very tangible steps so that you can remain focused on the outcome without becoming overwhelmed.

Once the goals and steps are clearly defined, the hypnotist takes on the role of your coach, encouraging you to stay on the path that you set. Research has shown that using a coach greatly improves the success rate.

Hypnotists also look for practical ways of reaching your goals. While many people think that hypnotists only do hypnosis, they actually do much more (just for the record: hypnosis is very powerful and can make significant changes in one’s life in just one session). The hypnotist might recommend some basic and practical tasks to help reach your goals such as journaling, “doing a fridge makeover”, using a pedometer, looking at a buffet as an opportunity to make healthy choices, or avoid the smoking entrance at work, and so on.

Hypnotists are focused on what works to ensure that the clients are ready for any scenario!

Hypnotists offer hypnosis! Of course, one of the fastest ways to improve any aspect of your life is through hypnosis. Whether you are ready to build on your good habits, improve your study or sports skills or you want to be finished with your bad habits, hypnosis is a powerful change tool. Hypnosis works with the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious part of the mind is the always present, always observing part that drives most of your behaviors and is where habits "reside". By modifying those habitual and reflexive behaviors, the changes you want become easier than ever to achieve. The old bad habits are simply replaced with a new positive lifestyle. Reaching your goals may be simpler than you ever thought.

Simply stated, during the hypnosis sessions, we will set you on a new path towards your goals.

In summary, hypnosis works and by working with a hypnotist, who can help you clearly define your goals, help you decide on practical steps tailored on your needs, and who will offer you the life changing power of hypnosis​, you will be on your way towards your current and future goals.